“Resources and Consulting”:
Improving Resilience of Companies, Organisations and Local Communities

With us, your activities will become truly resilient in an ever-changing world.

“Resources and Consulting”:
Ensuring a Reliable Partnership in Risk Management

With us, you will be able to manage risks associated with the use of natural resources and environmental protection.

“Resources and Consulting”:
Developing Smart Solutions and Innovative Products

With us, you will achieve tangible results from implementing smart solutions and innovations in natural resource use and environmental protection.

Welcome to Group of Companies
“Resources and Consulting”!

For more than 20 years, our specialists have supported businessmen, investors, and authorities in delivering sustainable and innovative growth at manufacturing facilities and in relevant regions. They help create sustainable business models, ensure that goals are achieved, and increase investment attractiveness and environmental image by providing a wide range of highly skilled research, consulting, and design services.

The center improves sustainability of companies and local communities by providing research and consulting services based on unique techniques and approaches to assessment and determination of natural capital, environmental and health risks, exposures and damages. It conducts trainings and provides competent consultations. It acts as a management company of the group of companies of the same name.

“Cadastre” facilitates the creation of green industrial and social innovations. It improves business survival rates and sustainability by providing high-quality design, consulting, and scientific and research services using proprietary innovative solutions, up-to-date software models and complexes. It promotes progressive sustainable growth methodologies and mechanisms of green regulation, taking into account the level of development of counties and regions.

The Institute conducts trainings and provides consultations, making a valuable contribution to improving the sustainability of companies, organisations and local communities in relevant sociocultural conditions of countries and regions in the context of the transition to green growth aimed to support the implementation of the Earth Charter. It facilitates the development of green tourism as an essential component of sustainable development of areas and promotes environmental protection. It also encourages active socioeconomic involvement of the population in resolving these matters and ensures that they fully benefit from those activities.

Latest News and Publications

The conference took place in Pekanbaru, Indonesia on September 10, 2019. The theme of the conference is “Elevating science and environmental quality for sustainable of life”. URICSE-2019 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of science and environment to a common forum.
The audit was conducted by leading auditors of the Management System Certification Body Cro Cert. The results of the audit showed that the quality management and environmental management systems comply with the requirements of international standards, allow ensuring the high quality of the provided services, paying great attention to environmental issues.
The participants of the meeting discussed the results of the work of the group of companies on promoting the principles of the Earth Charter and further interactions. Representatives of the Secretariat of the Earth Charter appreciated the work of the group of companies, the parties agreed on further cooperation that will strengthen the interaction of organizations and contribute to the mutual capacity development.